Cyber Monday Planning Sale! ♥

Happy new week, lovely! 🙂

Didja shop till you drop on Black Friday? What about that “shop small” thing that happened on Saturday? I didn’t even know that existed!

Although any excuse is a good excuse in my books to finally get my hands on an item I’ve had my eyes on for a while, hehe.
So no complains here! 😀

What I DID know and was VERY excited to send over to you was…. the CYBER MONDAY SALE!


2017 is right around the corner and it’s time to have THE year where you will look back and feel GREAT about your accomplishments.

THAT year where you go through goal after goal, plan after plan, ticking them off your list, making them all happen with a concrete plan that works for YOU and your lifestyle.


The Get Planned! Course is here to help you map out that new year ahead

AND it’s Cyber Monday!

With less then $10 a week you get all the tools to make things happen for you in the new year.

Worksheets, videos, printables, giggles, hand-holding support from me, ALL included! :))

Come on over to take a look!

Your 2017-self will thank you! 🙂

See ya on the other side of the rainbow! ♥

Many Smooches,

Raine Signature


psstt – price available for the next three days only! Yup, if you are reading this after Monday there’s still time till Wednesday 😉

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