Art Every Day Month – Day 5

Hello all!

I am so thankful for such a positive feedback on my last post! Very honored to have received so many good energy coming thru my blog! 🙂

Meanwhile, I kept going with the Art Everyday Month Challenge for November and posted the third and fourth days on Instagram.

The last painting was inspired by some way-over-due cake baking that happened on Sunday. I have been forever thinking of making some recipe inserts for my Filofax (yes, Filofax again! ’cause I love it! hehe) so I got inspired to actually start working on it.

Look at me all prepped-up to go:

Out of that came a very yummy gluten-free chocolate cake:

And that yumminess  inspired me to paint this:

Totally the same isn’t it? So clear how that painting is reflecting my real life baking skills! 😀

Anyway, for the 5th day of the challenge, I did the “beverage/drinks” tab:

 Shortly main dishes, sides and breakfast to come. Maybe I should add a “bread” section as well?

mmmmm, will see…

Hope you all are having a great day!
Smooches 🙂


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