All you need is love – NEW free printables included! :D



Happy new month lovely! 🙂

How’s it going so far?

Over here the last week of last month was populate with insomnia.

Unbelievable insomnia.

1am I was wide awake multiple nights.


Too much ideas, too much excitement out of some real obvious realization.

All we need is love.

Cliché I know, but really….. isn’t e.v.e.r.y. single thing better when we practice it, when we send it out to the world and when we allow ourselves to receive it? When we focus on it and pay attention on how it’s surrounding us all the time?

My dazzlement about this #MindBlowingOldTruth was rolling inside of me for many days and at some point a finally decided “”

And to the sketches and watercolors I went! :)))

Now, have you been following LimeTreeFruits for a while? If so, ‘member those lovely days I used to show you a pic of each one of the steps of my paintings? 🙂

Yeah, I’m doing it again. But a shorter version, promise!

Starting of plain and straight forward like that:

all you need is love-art1

Just THAT part above was a huge relief and was soothing and felt so yummy.
Funny how when we engage in something that we really like stress melts away just like that.

Then colors, of course.

all you need is love-art3

I have a “thing” for pink in case you hadn’t noticed yet. 😉

And the pink fever took some twirling paths:

all you need is love-art

Till finally getting in shape…. the final product…. you aren’t going to believe this. 😀

Because this #MindBlowingOldTruth has been well…. blowing my mind lately, I want you to remember this, sweets.

I want you to remember that love is all you need everywhere you are, anywhere you are.

As in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g is fixable with love!
E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g is possible with love!

Guess HOW am I nudging you to remember this everywhere and anywhere you go? 🙂


Not only a desktop wallpaper for you computer AND phone but also printables for all your planners! {A4/Letter size user, I have a printable for you as well. I just forgot to post a pic of it. 😛 }

This is the very first time evah I create a phone wallpaper soooooo for now just that one fitting iPhone 5 and 6. If peeps like it I’ll make it a recurring appearance. 😉

Now let’s get to them, right?

All Printables and walpaper sizes are available right below:


Planner Printables // Weekly Recurrences


And here comes the Desktop and iPhone’s wallpapers:

Desktop Wallpaper // Download Printable


iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper // Download Printable


Now seriously sweets, go spread some love. We all need it!  🙂

And while you download, print/set them up get into the mood with THE song that originated it all 

Many Smooches,

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All you need is love – NEW free printables included! :D — 6 Comments

    • Hhmm… pocket size will be tricky for me to create. I have seen some peeps using the personal size trimmed fit into the pocket size. Specially in that kind of design that the background is a pattern. 😉

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