A very special offer arrived! :)

As most of you US folks that love Filofax, I received this in my inbox a few days ago:

 Got me all emotional. So silly but true 🙂

Did I get emotional because it is Christmas? Because it is a sale?

Nope, none of that.

I got all giggly with it, because those gift sets were around the very first time I started browsing for a Filofax.

See, in October of 2011 I started avidly reading Philofaxy.
By the time I decided I wanted to get one, those gifts sets were all over the place. I would study each single model every single day on FilofaxUSA and FilofaxUK. I would then be trying to figure out little “mysteries” that made no sense to me. Like why there are no A4 Filofax available in US or why we don’t have the travel packet either.
{The latter I never figured, and the first one, well, duh, took me a while but it finally clicked  😀 }.

So, at that time I would be all over drooling on their offers and specials, and totally fell in love with two gift sets they had.

The Personal Cham Raspberry and the Personal Orange Domino.

I guess my taste hadn’t change much because I still LOVE both of them. Still on my top faves! 😀

And they were so cute on those gift sets ads. All lined up like that. And the little pen was to die for! Totally makes sense what I am saying, right? 😀
Ah, and guess what? I goggled some and found the offers from last year:

The Orange Domino is not pictured, but REALLY peeps, it was available as a gift set.

Anyway, I would stare at them like a stalker LOL

Until I finally decided that I really didn’t need the pen and could let go of the offer.

It was chill, there were many new things happening in my life and I was so excited with the prospectives of a different, actually organized life! Great things were coming and I was sensing it 🙂

Oh, good times! good times of hanging in Filofax world for the first time. So many wonderful things ahead of me and so many wonderful people I was about to meet!

Right after I decided that I didn’t need the pen, the Pink and Electric Blue Domino went on sale. Then a few more weeks staring at both trying to figure out which one.

And then finally I made the move.

It was a TORTURE waiting for the packet! Took a whole week!
In case you are curious, I wrote about the one I chose —-> My first Filofax!

Anyway, it was great receiving this email this week.
Brought me good cozy Filofax memories 🙂



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