Filofax Starter Kit Starter Kit


Hey there! Looking for a Planner Starter Kit? Landed in the right place, my love! 🙂

    • Are you a planner newbie day-dreaming about creating yummy color-filled-decorated pages with eye-candy layouts?
    • Are you eager to start creating your own decorated pages but don’t know how?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed by so many options out there?
    • Do you want to get your life organized with a planner while making it look cute too?
    • Do you need a quick guide on specific tools to do just that?

Fret not, sweets!

“Filofax-Starter-Kit” is here to help you! Starter Kit

In this guide I will be sharing with you the best tools I found to keep myself sane and focused while maintaining a nicely decorated and visually appealing planner.

No fuzz in there, just straight up resources and info to get you started and functioning right away.

Let me know your info and I will send you the guide in no time:


PS ****This is NOT a guide for seasoned “Filofaxers”. If you have been using planners for a while, this kit is not for you! Although if you want to stay on the loop and be notified about new Filofax freebies I create, be my guest and hop in there! 😉