🌷 Free Printable! ✨Get ready for our Law of Attraction Session!✨

Yeeeesss!!!! Two more days beauts, and we are ON talking all the juiciness about Law of Attraction and how to make it real in our everyday life!


To get you rolling, OF COURSE I have a printable fresh out of the oven for ya!  *giggles* 😄

In it, start brainstorming what would you like to see happening in your life. Write just one desire per sheet. Meaning if you want to work on more than one at once print one sheet for each desire.

Then write on the top what is it that you want to manifest and then…..

Welp…. the steps to do so will be revealed in our live stream.
Didja think I was going to spoil the fun just like that? 😎 Nope! Susan is a magician on passing on the info and breaking it down into clear concepts so I’m not even attempting to do it right now.

So don’t forget, sweets! Add to your planner our date this Wednesday, print your worksheet and get ready!


Specific deets for those who missed before:


Law of Attraction Session and Q&A with Susan Ferraro


Wednesday, April 26th at 11am CST/12pm EST
{click here to see what time that is in your part of the world}


On Facebook! YEAH! Easy like that! 😀
Just come on over to LimeTreeFruits page and we will be live from there at that day and time ✨😎

What will you need:

Your printable! Click right here to download or the image to the side.

:: Side Note ::

Psssst… already itching to ask questions or can’t make it to the call? no sweats my love! Click right here to submit your question and I’ll ask it for you 😉 

Can’t WAIT to see you in a few days!😍✨

Talk to you again soon!

Smooches ????

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