✨How to deal with Mercury Retrograde + a Law of Attraction treat coming up! ?


Happy new week, lovely!!

Hope you had an amazing egg hunt over the weekend and right now not too bad of a stomachache from all that chocolate consumption ??

Soooooo……. for those of you ‘woo’ inclined peeps out there – meaning those of you tuned into the spiritual world and all the magical things out there I have a special message regarding that scary planetary thing that happens once in a while {more often than we want actually!}

Yeah, that one…. the so ‘feared’

Mercury Retrograde!

{cue the screen shaking and the storm + thunder noises behind! ⚡⛈}

My advise for that?



Nope, not kidding!

This is a pic of me in my new puffy shoes from over the weekend after stressing out for the entire week and a half over some serious techy glitches.

Then someone reminded me of the Mercury Rx happening right now and everything changed. I chilled.

Did I pass on all the ‘blame’ to the planets and decided to throw my hands up in the air feeling completely at the mercy of the circumstances saying “oh, well! There’s nothing that I can do then”. ?

Nope, not at all sweets.

A complete mindset shift happened the instant I was reminded of that celestial move and in the video below I’m telling you why and how YOU can use that same approach to easily navigate through it:



Now my dear I know that if you stick with it, if you watched the whooooole {short ?} video that means you’ll LOVE the treat coming up!

My most fave ✨Law of Attraction Master-Magician✨ will be offering us a LIVE and FREE call all about this delicious energy force that we are daily interacting with yet not aware how to get the best out of it - yet! :)

And who’s that Magical-Master-LOA Magician you ask?

Susan F, of course! 😀

{I know! Too cool for school with those shades ?}

In case you don’t know her, here is one of my favorite posts from her blog that I know many of you can relate :: how to manifest that dreamy lifestyle by the beach while short on money and time.

Go get your feet wet before our workshop starts with this juicy walkthrough she used to manifest that dream life-style for herself!

And then gather on your Law of Attraction questions my love, as she will be answering them LIVE during our call!

Now….. I hear you asking, “when, where, how do I get to that free call?”

HA! 😀

I’m not telling you, you’ll need to guess ?

haha, seriously thou – keep an eye here on this blog or in your inbox if you are a subscriber. In the next few days all the deets will be posted!

Talk to you again soon!

Smooches, ????



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